Cytherea squirts like no other

September 30th, 2008

cytherea can squirt

They don’t squirt harder, farther, or faster then Cytherea!

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Bonnie & Brittney Squirting Action

August 30th, 2008

Ok I have a totally new site to post for you guys and I guarantee you are going to want to join this place! When I fist saw the quality of the videos and the amount of female ejaculation I signed up instantly! Rather then me sounding like a salesman, just take a sec and click here to check out fist flush. Sure the site might sound like it’s all about fisting… but it should have been called Fist Squirting! Every episode features 2 hot chicks fucking themselves silly! We’re talking double fist, one in the ass (how the hell can a human body fit a fist up their ass?!?) and one fist in the pussy at the same time! All this fisting gets these girls so overworked that they can never hold back, they explode and squirt what seems like gallons all over the place! Some of them many times in just one scene! Another thing that is amazing to me is how many different 2 girl squirt episodes they have… where do you find smoking hot and I mean sizzling, girls that can take a fist and squirt?!?

If the above video didn’t get your dick hard then you got problems dude!!! If your like 99.9999% of the rest of us and wasted no time whipping your dick out, then make sure you go check out the main site. I’ve been a member now for a few months and still haven’t watched every episode not to mention they update weekly… Let’s just say I won’t be canceling my membership anytime soon!

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Kream a slutty girl from Real Squirt

July 8th, 2008

What would you think about a site that is hosted by a girl that can squirt very well… So well that she is shown in all the video episodes using her fingers and some toys to teach/get other amateur girls to squirt on camera, many of these girls squirt for their first time!! Well this site does exist and you really need to check it out, Real Squirt.

Kream is her name and it suites her perfectly. The pictures in this post feature Kream and Dakota (I thought that was a boys name?) Dakota is from Toronto and very shy is this scene, but that doesn’t stop our slut Kream from finger fucking her little pussy until she just can’t hold back anymore and explodes a huge load of girl squirt! No peeing here folks, but actual girl squirt. Look at that last picture at how soaked those sheets are! No doubt about it, Kream maybe a girl slut but she sure knows how to make them really squirt!

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Girls Swallowing Squirts

June 28th, 2008

Felony swallowing Sidneys squirts

You know how rare it is to find a girl that can squirt, now how about sluts that love to swallow another girls squirt?! Well that’s all you’ll find at Swallow Squirt a site dedicated to girls cumming in others girls willing mouths. The twenty minute video features two hot porn sluts, Felony and Sindy Lange. Both of these gals can squirt an amazing amount of fluids! And not only large amounts but the distance and the force is just something your going to have to check out for yourself. I wasn’t able to grab any other picture captures from this must view video and the picture above just doesn’t do this video enough justice so if watching a girl swallow another girls squirt, gets you a little turned on then click here and check out swallow squirt!

Crissy Moon, this girl can squirt!

June 14th, 2008

girl squirt from crissy moon 13

Crissy Moon is now an expert at girl squirt! She actually taught herself from watching and talking to other girls on the net that already knew how to squirt. At the start she was able to get her pussy to dribble out a little bit but it wasn’t long until this girl was able to do these monster squirts like in the picture above! We are talking huge eruptions that will soak anything within several feet!

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crissy-moon-girl-squirt 5crissy-moon-girl-squirt 6crissy-moon-girl-squirt 3
crissy-moon-girl-squirt 81crissy-moon-girl-squirt 10crissy-moon-girl-squirt 11

So as you can see this girl is one sexy squirter! I mean what a hot body she has and such a slutty attitude! How many girls do you know that would take the time and be determined to learn how to squirt?

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Team Girl Squirt

June 1st, 2008

Sierra girl squirt

This is Sierra from Team Squirt and let me say this girl had no problems making the team! Sierra’s girl squirt gushes out over 2 feet high, it actually looks like a little geyser. Make you want to walk right up to this girl and lick her squirt like a water fountain… Maybe more like a fire hose! She probably doesn’t have to worry about a fire since it looks like she carries her own extinguisher.

sierra ready to girl squirtSierra about to squirt

In these two pictures you can really see just how fine this girl really is! Her nice petite body giving us that look of how bad she wants your cock. Then in the second picture we get to see that Sierra wasn’t just teasing and that she can take a big cock in that tight little pussy of hers. And what about that tight little asshole of hers… I’d say she could use another cock to fill it with. That ought to really make the girl squirt.

Sierra girl squirt

Here’s another picture during the same session, this girl just squirts and squirts!

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